About St. Paul's Food Basket

St. Paul's Food Basket is the largest outreach program operated by Grace Church. It involves approximately thirty parishioners (and a few other volunteers) each month. Each week we give out 110 bags, or more, of food to needy folks in Camden, year round. A bag of food contains several meals consisting of vegetables, fruit, protein and bread. While we use St. Paul's Church in Camden as our distribution center, our efforts are non-denominational. The number of bags increases to over 150 for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Our parish also collects turkeys for distribution during these holidays. In 2011, we handed out 5,371 bags of food.

We have many opportunities for volunteer help. These include:

We try to limit each volunteer to only a few hours each month and only when they are available. We always need volunteers.

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If you would like to help this great program, please call:

We need everyone's financial support since we have to buy much of the food we give away. A check to Grace Church directed to the St. Paul's Fool Basket is always most appreciated.

Canned Vegetables and Fruit - We are having a difficult time getting the following items from the food bank. Therefore, we are asking all our parishioners to help out by bringing a few items to Church each week. There will be a box for this purpose in the parish house and in the Church.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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